indigoRiver celebrates 10 years in business

It’s an important milestone for indigoRiver, as the Redditch-based advertising and digital agency celebrates ten years in business. Damian Howell, Creative Director and founder, talks about the company’s approach, success and progress over the last ten years.

To see examples of Indigo River’s latest work, take a look at the online gallery:

When did you start Indigo River?

I formed indigoRiver in 2009, the year after the financial crisis, when the UK was going through a pretty tough recession. It wasn’t the ideal time to start a business, but I figured if we could survive in tough times, then we had the mettle and drive to do well in good times.

Where did the name come from?

A few bottles of red wine and some desperate searching for a name that the URL had not already been taken. The name we picked always sparked a conversation. People wanted to know what we did and it opened a few doors for us.

What was your company vision when you started?

Never taking what we had for granted and making sure we looked after what we had before going after new. That entailed building relationships for the long term, not seeing a project as a one-hit moneymaker, and taking time to understand challenges by listening carefully.

What would you say is the most important value when building an agency?

Empathy. We adapted our offering to meet our client’s constraints, especially budgetary and timing, which meant not digging in our heels and demanding it be done our way.

Has the agency changed since the early days?

Yes. We have shaped the agency around our clients, reacting to their requirements and pushing our skillsets beyond our comfort zones to deliver outstanding work. This has enabled us to exceed expectations, create opportunities for clients and allow the members of our team to grow.

What kind of people do you employ?

Talented people. Over the last ten years, I have surrounded myself with the most talented people any agency owner could ask for. Day after day, the team has surpassed what is expected of them, creating award-winning creative and digital projects, and making our ideas work. Some have really stood the test of time. Our longest-serving member of staff has been with us for nine years and many of our clients have been with us since the day we started in 2009.

What’s been your philosophy?

To keep going when times get tough, as they invariably do. To steer the ship through rough seas, be strong for others and maintain self-belief. To treat people how you would want to be treated and not be greedy. To employ talented, compassionate people, who share your vision and goals. Above all, to go with your gut instinct and do it right or don’t do it at all.

Can you sum up Indigo River in three words?

Brave. Life. True.

Can you explain further?

We’re brave enough to take our clients on a voyage of discovery; we embrace life, drawing on behavioural science to disrupt, engage and provoke; and we’re true to ourselves, keeping it real with an open, honest approach. It’s this combination of creativity, pragmatism and common sense that’s enabled us to build so many strong client relationships.

What do you anticipate for the next ten years?

Who knows? A versatile, responsive and empathetic approach combined with amazing creative work will see us through. We love what we do and that is half the battle! And we’re nice people to deal with. We’ll always put a client’s interest before self-interest. That makes a big difference, especially in this day and age.

To see examples of Indigo River’s latest work, take a look at the online gallery: