Our Favourite April Fools Day Stories

April Fools day is great time of year for everyone to enjoy, whether its a business prank or one person to another.

Our Prank

This year for April Fools, we decided to opt for the rather obvious prank of paying tribute to 90’s web design by creating a mock up image of our own site in a similar yet ‘tasteless style’. We are happy to say that we ‘fooled’ a small number of people

Sure we might have been out done by Stack Overflow (shakes fist angrily) but they went all out and did a damn good job!

Our favourite pranks

There are many businesses that receive coverage of their pranks, however we wanted to share with you some of the more underappreciated April Fools pranks as found on Reddit. Here are few we particularly enjoyed.

1. Frozen computer

We all know that in an office, simply going away on holiday is a risk. Being out of the office on April Fools however … people like to up their game.  Wrapping up the computer was good, but it’s the inferred double entendre that tickled our funny bones (and made a few of us roll our eyes!).

2. Slashed tyres

When this poor April Fools victim received a message from a friend about a big slash on his tyres, I’m sure his blood pressure must have spiked considerably. Luckily for them, they have a friend with a wicked sense of humour.

3. Donut seeds

Pranking children it always fun, especially considering it is so easy. So when this primary school teacher pranked their entire classroom with these donut seeds, that was funny enough. However one child’s parents took it one step further by not only encouraging them to plant the seeds, but actually constructed a donut tree.

4. The eruption of mount Edgecumbe

When the residents of Sitka, Alaska woke on April 1st 1974 to a plume of black smoke rising from the dormant crater of Mt Edgecumbe, I’m sure it raised a lot of questions. As the chopper flew over to investigate, they were greeted by a huge pile of old burning tires and the words “APRIL FOOL.” spray-painted in the snow beside them. While jokes involving the authorities can be some what controversial due to the waste of time and public spend, you cant help but be slightly impressed by his dedication.

Now at first we were slightly sceptical about how true this story was, but we figured that even if this was not true, getting people to believe a story like this is an impressive prank in its self.

5.  The misdirection prank

We particularly enjoyed this video where a co-worker ‘foiled’ his office desk to distract from the large, well placed air horn under his chair. Love a bit of suspense.

Watch the video here on Reddit

6. Mom humour

Nothing makes us cringe and roll our eyes quite like dad jokes, however there is also the much more notorious mom humour to be wary of. Can you imagine the disappointment when they unveiled this tray of brownies, or in this case…brown E’s.

7. Sponge cake

You may be familiar with the cake that is actually a balloon, that pops as soon as the birthday girl/boy tries to cut into it, sending icing flying all around, however we much preferred this quite literal sponge cake. All the fun, none of the mess.

Watch the video here on Reddit

8. Nope ……..nope nope nope nope

9. Mrs sneaky

This poor unsuspecting husband just couldn’t figure out why he kept setting off anti-shoplifting alarms every where he went. Until he found this hidden in his wallet…..It had been there for over a year.

10. Poor monkey

Last but not least, we loved this classic prank……enjoy

Well there you have it! When it comes to April Fools jokes, just remember to make sure make sure everyone is laughing at the end!