Ten Ingredients For Success Over Ten Years

As part of our 10 year celebration activities, we asked indigoRiver Creative Director and founder Damian Howell to share with us his top 10 ingredients for success that he has learnt over the last 10 years.


Never take anything for granted.
Whether that is friendship, work, clients, health or yourself. Take every day as it comes and make sure you appreciate what you have.


Accept that not everyone is as nice as you would like.
No matter how hard you want people to be honest and open, many have an agenda of their own, but that’s okay.


Keep going, even when you want to give up.
There are dark points along every journey, but never say ‘I’ve had enough’. Tough times demand resilience, determination and sheer grit. Sometimes, you wonder how you’ll get through, but you do, by taking things one step at a time.


Treat people how you would want to be treated.
Help those who want to be helped and never ask anyone to do something you’re not willing to do yourself – unless it’s coding!


If you get lost, wait for a sign.
There may be sleepless nights, doubts and questions along the journey, but inevitably something appears to show you the way. It happens!


Don’t be greedy.
Be happy with what you have and don’t risk everything for a quick quid.


Believe in what you do.
Be strong for others, take the knocks in your stride and steer the ship through rough seas.  It’s all about self-belief, drive and determination, finding the spirit to keep going!


Surround yourself with amazing, talented and compassionate people who share your vision and goals.
Be strong in your conviction and stay true to yourself, even when others tell you different. Never be afraid to ask for advice, but don’t be afraid to go your own way. If your gut says yes, take the risk. If your gut says no, don’t do it, no matter how tempting the situation, talented the person or lucrative the offer.


Go with your gut instinct.
Accept that one person can’t be all things to all people. Don’t forget, we’re all human.


‘Do it right or don’t do it at all’.
Work hard, act with integrity and never lose sight of your values and objectives. Embrace 10 years of Brave. Life. True. Look forward to the future.

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