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Founded in 1983, and boasting an impressive fleet of heavy cranes, specialist transport and installation equipment, ALE are now one of the world’s leading international heavy transport and installation contractors with a global network of operating centres.

The challenge

Appointed as their global brand agency, our challenge was to refresh, create noise and develop a brand that would compete on a global scale against its two biggest rivals.

ALE recognised that a powerful and coherent brand, would help define and elevate who they are, what they stand for and what they have to offer.

Part of our challenge was to bring to life their strapline ‘Smarter, Safer, Stronger’.

Three powerful words, that run through every touch point of the business, underpins the philosophy that helps ALE win more business. To help reinforce this philosophy, we introduced ‘Together we are Smarter, Safer, Stronger, pulling in the family and united feelings of the business.

Being at the leading edge of innovation, ‘SMARTER’ was used to elevate this part of the brand story.

Without compromise, it’s paramount that everything ALE stand for has to be SAFER.

And ‘STRONGER’ for the tough and robust element of the business, be it the machinery, the people within the global teams, and the partnerships created with the customers.

Together, the use of these three words helped us develop a brand story that is believable, recognised and trusted globally.

With a key focus on a ‘local expertise and global knowledge’, its values convey the way ALE approaches working with its customers.

Featuring the striking red palette of the ALE logo, and underpinned with the ‘Smarter, Safer, Stronger’ proposition, we created a smorgasbord of marketing collateral such as detailed case studies, mailers and brochures, to exhibitions, press ads and online material to help shape an ALE brand that’s coherent, memorable and respected across the globe.

"indigoRiver’s technical knowledge, experience and passion made this an easy decision to make."

Kim Godfrey

Global Marketing Manager, ALE