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3D Product Animation

Artex are a leading distributor of construction products for repair, maintenance and improvement projects, including plasters, fillers, plasterboards and tools in the UK.

The challenge

We were asked to produce a short animation that demonstrates the benefits of the new product created by Gyproc, Fold-a-Board. The folding plasterboard makes it easy for builders to transport to jobs, to carry unfold and fix.

The idea and storyboard was presented to the client involving an animated piece of Fold-a-Board jumping out of the van and into a house.

Our 3D team set off to develop the short animation in Cinema 4D. The environment and street scene needed to be developed first.

We developed a house that could be deconstructed so we could move the camera though the scene and through the rooms.

The final render was finalised in After Effects. Soundtracks were added and colour correction was considered.

The short animation was really successful with over 28k views within the first month of launch.