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The most successful product launch in their business

Digital, App, Branding, Strategy, PR

Ruskin Air Management (now part of the Johnson Controls Group) is one of the UK’s biggest manufacturers of heating, ventilation and air flow management systems.

The challenge

We were tasked with delivering the full marketing remit across the business including campaign projects, product launches, strategy, planning and brand work

We refreshed the brand, and created a suite of values – underpinned with the story behind how Ruskin and its products should align to the challenges faced within the industry.

Part of our strategic challenge was to help identify and launch a new brand called ‘Airolution’.

A system orientated offering that brings together key components of a HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) for all new types of building application.

The parts to the system have been uniquely tested to offer a fully accredited and proven range of solutions for building requirements. This task involved brand naming, the design of supporting literature and advertising as well as creating a website that showcased each system and a product selector app.

We have continued to evolve the brand internally and externally with a range of marketing materials that have helped reposition the Ruskin brand within the market, as well as bring a new joined up, coherent and creative vision for the employees within the business.