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A rich, educational experience of the Multi Comfort concept

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Delivering innovative products and services, the Saint-Gobain group is a world leader in design, production and distribution of innovative construction materials.

Saint-Gobain own some of the most respected companies in the construction sector including: British Gypsum, Jewson, Graham, Weber, Isover, Celotex, Glassolutions, Saint-Gobain PAM and Ecophon.

Together they offer a range of high performance energy-saving products and solutions to help create great living places and improved daily life.

For the past 350 years, Saint-Gobain have pioneered the development of innovative building materials and solutions that shape the way we live today.

Their goal is to contribute this rich experience to creating a better, more comfortable, more sustainable future – that’s why they have developed the Multi Comfort programme.

The Challenge

We typically spend 90% of our time inside a building. So the buildings we live, work and play in have a huge potential effect on our health and overall sense of comfort. But how often do we pause to consider how they actually perform?

Multi Comfort is about building and renovating our homes, office, schools, hospitals and other buildings in a way that gives us improved comfort, health and wellbeing whilst protecting the environment.

We were tasked by Saint-Gobain International to create a website that would educate architects, contractors and end users of the Multi Comfort benefits.

Since going live, the website we created has become the global platform for the Multi Comfort directive.

From creation of a bespoke website, to video shoot and exhibition, we helped bring Saint-Gobain’s Multi Comfort vision to life.

Having collated and distilled all the vital content from the research and management teams, the next stage involved the creation of site maps and wireframes.

Detailed designs were linked up to inVision, a software that enabled clickable, interactive prototypes and mockups. This software also helped the client fully understand the flow of the design stage, add comments remotely and seamlessly discuss design challenges with our team.

Trello was also used to help organise and schedule workflow progress. This allowed everyone working on the project to see the internal progress and ensure targets were met at all stages.