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Weber are one of the world’s largest tile adhesive manufacturer’s, offering best-selling tile fixings and flooring ranges.

The challenge

We were tasked to help raise the profile of the Weber brand, and increase loyalty to their range of products. And at the same time determine who their customer base was, how often they purchase and what they purchase.

What better way to do this, than create a unique loyalty scheme that would stand head and shoulders above all their competitors. The Weber Rewards Scheme was born.

Our successful end user Loyalty Scheme continues to grow after 6 years.

When Weber Rewards was launched no-one knew just how successful it would be and after 6 years of giving back to its customers it’s now time to refresh the whole experience.

Like most digital experiences it is important that the customer always feel like the brand is engaged with them. That new thinking and ways of making the experience more exciting and easier to use have become the norm and expected by users of the system.

As you can imagine we’ve learnt a few things along the way, 6 years is a good chunk of time to get to know your customers. What they buy, where the buy and how they buy. We also know that most of them love a t-shirt. More than an ipad sometimes. But this also shows us so much more, that some customers are happy to plod along and get what they can quickly, whereas others will save and save for a big blow out. It’s up to us to look at this insight and position Weber Rewards to suit the customers’ needs.

So, we took the website, the app and the data and shook it up. We dug deep into the data and came out with more insight than we knew we had. We now send out personalised email marketing.

The system has also become more refined. It took on a lot of easy sign-ups. Sign-ups that just wanted a freebie. We needed to rationalise the numbers and whilst the latest Data Protection criteria allowed us to do this, it now means we are only talking to the really loyal customers and have let go of the rest. It’s just another way of making the system work harder for the client. Why waste money on customers who are not loyal.

The system has become a ‘virtual’ sales person. A modern, digital extension of the sales team. We’ve added sales data and customer spend to the system to now show a return on investment. We can see that an activity is worth doing, but more importantly it’s about engaging with the end user to Weber Rewards, listening and evolving. We have to be one step ahead.

We’re very proud of the new look for Weber Rewards. Take a look around the maybe sign-up and see for yourself just how effective loyalty and a system like this could benefit your marketing challenges.

There is so much more to Weber Rewards, we have a full demo and presentation available should you want to know more. Contact jay@indigo-river.com or damian@indigo-river.com for more details.

"We were delighted with the results. Not only did indigo come back quickly, their ideas/concepts were fresh, modern, results driven and innovative... They clearly have a creative flair and understood the brief. "

Peter Temprell

National Sales Director, Weber Tiling Division