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Founded around 1291, The Royal Grammar School in Worcester is one of the oldest independent schools in Britain. Educating over 800 pupils from the ages of 2 to 18 and employing 155 teaching staff, their aim is to provide excellent education for children, developing their character and intellect within a scholar community.

The challenge
We were tasked with designing and developing the school’s first app, to help aid pupils in their introduction to the school from year 7, as well as providing crucial resources for learning from school information portals.

The app includes a detailed map of the school, contact form, and calendar which lists dynamic information on upcoming events from the school’s main website.

Within 2 years of the app being released on the Apple app store, RGS approached us to create an app update which would include iBeacons.

Our solution involved showing user specific content via the app, based on the users current location in the school. For example, if a user was in the school gym while using the guided tour, the device would recognise this based on detecting an iBeacon, and send a video and short passage of text to the device to enhance the users experience.

The app is now widely used throughout the school and is a great introduction to iBeacon integration and IoT (internet of Things) for indigoRiver.